growing through music!
What is House of Music?
Every child, from birth on, can learn how to play and make music thanks to the 
Children are Composers method, created by the composer Hanne Deneire. 
As founder of House of Music, she has been developing this creative method for the last 20 years. 
It allows you to compose, read, sing, write and create music through interactive games. 

We want to introduce children to the language of music as young as possible in a magical way. 
That's why we use COLOURS, MUSIC PUPPETS and a lot of GAMES, to make it easily accessible. 
They help the children learn the musical notes and chords and get harmonious perspective. 

We introduce them to all the musical instruments and the musical theory as well as history are tackled. Our FOCUS is on learning in a playful manner by IMMEDIATELY PLAYING & CREATING MUSIC yourself. 
Why is House of Music special?
  • Playful method
  • All our lessons are teached in a playful way through "Children are Composers".
  • Creative games
  • We want to let your child grow and develop their creativity.
  • Synchronised learning
  • We teach theory, harmony, singing, composing, improvisation 
  • and how to play an instrument, all at the same time. 
Who is the Founder of House of Music?
House of Music is founded by the Belgian Classical COMPOSER HANNE DENEIRE.
 She developed the music method Children are Composers to learn music in a PLAYFUL way 
and to STIMULATE them by CREATING their own musical story. 
Hanne collaborates with the best musicians, orchestras, ensembles and festivals WORLDWIDE. 
Consequently, her music is played from all over Europe, Canada, the US, Australia to Japan. 

With her first orchestra work, Mitä, she was a laureate at the age of 19. By that same age, she already developed her own method with which she taught Highly Gifted Children at the University of Antwerp. For her full music CD "In Flanders Field- Hommages Hanne Deneire" & her Chamber Music (2014) she was rewarded with a GOLDEN LABEL & a GOLDEN POPPY.

This means that Hanne is REWARDED for her music as well as her educational work. 

She will never stop developing her creative and educational work because she breathes music. It is her MISSION in life and what makes her get up with a smile every single morning. 
BabyMusic (0 - 2,5y)

Monthly sessions during which our youngest Student Musicians will discover the magic of music. 
Through interactive games, songs and exercises, they will learn the basics of music.  

These sessions guarantee pure quality time for you and your child. 

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ToddlerMusic (3 - 5y) 

The Student Musicians will learn the basics of music using our Children are Composers 
method during these monthly sessions, with or without parents. 

Every month, we will discover a new musical instrument and the children will get to know 
the notes, rhythm, harmony and train their ears through their own compositions. 

Individual Sessions (+4 , Teenagers, Adults) 

From the age of 4, children can start with weekly individual sessions. Therefore you choose your instrument: piano, saxophone, clarinet, singing, percussion, drums, violin, electric or acoustic guitar and bass guitar.

If you don't know yet, we will search together with your child for the best match. We always use the piano as a universal starting point because it immediately sounds correct and children learn two clefs at the same time.  
Afterwards they can easily switch to another instrument. 

Customized Projects 

We create innovative music projects for small or large groups of every age.
Let us know what you are looking for: Creative Education, BabyMusic with friends, Birthday party...
we think out of the box and will find the best solution for you.

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Music Camps (3-8y) 

Every School Holiday we organise music camps for children from 3-8 years old.
An entire week full of fun with music for the children. They will be inspired to create their own music and songs and discover different instruments every day. Music camps are an ideal introduction to start with your music classes or to recapitulate and be creative with what you already know. 

Educative Musical Material 

Since we start at a young age, our material is adapted to young children as well. 
We developed our MUSICAL PAPER so that a 4-year-old child can easily write his or 
her own music without being frustrated about small staff lines. 

We have MUSIC FISHES, so children can compose in a playful way and continue their game in bath or in combination with other toys. Lilliputiens produced them especially for us, so you know that quality is guaranteed and Baby Proof!

To continu composing and play all of the music games at home, we developed a MusicBox FAMILY.
We also have one for SCHOOLS and MUSICIANS. 

In the FULL PACKAGE you get everything you need to develop optimally at home: 
The Online Music Programme + MusicBox + Piano are included thanks to our collaboration with CASIO.

Our Mission is to have 1.000.000 children discovering the magic of music all over the world.
Our method Children are Composers introduces children from birth in a playful and creative way in the magical world of music. Enjoy the musical discoveries and let the creativity flow! 
What do children say about House of Music?
What do parents say about House of Music?
Pooja Sejpal Jhaveri
mother of 2 kids who make music 
in HoM Belgium
House of music or should I say house of love n warmth for children. 
This will be our third year n believe me could not ask for a better place 
for music, my daughters favourite extra curricular activity. 
The warmth n the motivation of the place always strives our kids to give their best. 

The entire team hats off to all of u. 
My daughter has not only learned music but loved music n developed 
as more loving n confident individual I wish n hope they 
keep on spreading music to the whole world.
 Yesterday, I tried the online video of Children are Composers BabyMusic with my granddaughter Max for the first time. She immediately became fascinated and kept on watching the entire episode while we were participating with the games and music. 

Since then my daughter-in-law has been watching the episodes with Max as well, with the same results. She's over the moon about it! What a fun and easy way to keep little children busy with something educational. 

We are looking forward to the next video!

Wilfried Van Asche
grandfather of Max, 10 months old
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